"Elevayta Space Boy" VST plug-in

"Elevayta Space Boy" VST plug-in 5.00

What is `Space Boy`?What do you need to do when you have two...

What is `Space Boy`? What do you need to do when you have two audio sources, with similar spectral content, and you would like to mix them in a balanced way so that each of the individual parts can be heard?

Normally you may spend hours fiddling with the EQ of each source to find the dominant spectral components. Having done this you then need to tweak each EQ until a suitable balance is reached.

All the time being sure that a constant volume is achieved. Using the similar, innovative, communicating plug-in technology used in `Clone Boy`, `Space Boy` makes it possible to perform this, normally complex, EQ process in a matter of minutes using just a few sliders.

`Space Boy`, as the name suggests, provides the means to analysis, in real-time, the spectrum of one audio source and make a `space` in the spectrum of another (target) audio source.

Not only this, but the ever changing relationship between the different EQs of each source is automatically accommodated in real-time. This means that EQ adjustments are made only when needed.

Unique concept in VST plug-in technology. Real-time FFT based spectral convolution. Unique plug-in pair (and more) communication. 64-Bit processing throughout.

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"Elevayta Space Boy" VST plug-in


"Elevayta Space Boy" VST plug-in 5.00

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